Medical Supplies and Equipment

Services Our local distribution and supply chain network for medical supplies and equipment is available within 24 hours providing you with the required supplies. We are offering to our customers a wide range of services, ranging from new builds initial supply, to existing vessel supply, service, certification and inventory monitoring.
Furthermore we can provide our services to the yachting sector, leisure and superyacht markets.


To make the usage on board of our products as easy as possible for the crew, we label and code according to the different regulations. All our labels and product leaflets are in English and for some regulations, we even have bilingual labels.


Our staff of registered doctors, pharmacists and medical consultants are prepared to customize your new ship's medical chest to meet the specific requirements of your vessel. With Pharmasea, we can supply national and international certification on new vessels under construction.

Medical Publications

Pharmasea can keep you up to date each year with the most current medical publications required onboard your vessel. Furthermore we can develop ship specific Medical Booklet in order the vessel to be comply with and keep the necessary records of all the relevant requirements.

MedCare System (Medical Care System)

With our MedCare System (free of charge) we can help you with automatic inventory update and replenishments at any time and recertification of the medical stock on board. With our extensive in house computer system we keep track of what we supply to each vessel, so we know what should be on board and can respond quickly in case of a recall and you can project the coming year’s supply needs.

Flag Requirements

We keep you updated on any upcoming changes in regulations.

Water Analysis

MLC 2006 fresh water regulation requires samples to be taken at regular intervals. Regular sampling means that there is a suitable spread of samples to detect possible variation in water quality. Most of Water Analysis Kits are not so capable of analyzing many parameters which normally international and local regulations need to see if water is suitable for drinking and/or using. Pharmasea works in close cooperation with approved Laboratories for all marine related water analysis.

Drug & Alcohol Screening

It is recommended that seafarers be subject to testing and screening for drugs and alcohol abuse by means of a combined program of un-announced testing and routine medical examination. The frequency of this un-announced testing should be sufficient so as to serve as an effective deterrent to such abuse. Pharmasea can both supply Drug and Alcohol test kits and provide you a complete service for scheduled and unannounced Alcohol and drug screening on board.