Pharmasea is a complete marine medical pharmacy and hospital supply company providing pharmaceutical, surgical and medical supplies and equipment and certifications for all ocean going vessels worldwide.

We are able to provide our customers with expert knowledge of the maritime industry and provide distribution globally.

Customer Service

We have built a company based on professional, reliable and quality service providing our customers with competitive prices.


Pharmasea has developed over the last years a reputation of knowledge, service and dedication to this diverse field.

Our local distribution and supply chain network for medical supplies and equipment is available within 24 hours providing you with the required supplies.
MedCare System

Automatic inventory update and replenishments.


We label and code according to the different regulations.


We supply national and international certification.

Medical Publications

Keep you up to date each year.

Laboratory Services

Coming Soon in Pharma Sea. A new service would be available.


Water Analysis

MLC 2006 fresh water regulation requires samples to be taken at regular intervals.

D & A Screening

It is recommended that seafarers be subject to testing and screening for drugs and alcohol abuse.

Flag Requirements

We keep you updated on any upcoming changes in regulations.